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Forget Challenges, Otherwise OK

OK app if you just play other humans. Challenges vs app are pretty much rigged to lose - somehow they always save hardest spaces (Yahtzee, Lg. Straight, 4 of a kind, etc.) for last, but always somehow get them. Don’t waste your time on them.

Total crap

Seriously hate this game now. You can’t beat any of the showdowns. There’s so much going on that it’s just hard to keep up with everything. All the cartoon stuff is so unnecessary. Bring the old game back!

Needs work

Don’t like that 2nd Yahtzee doesn’t count on a full house. All other versions and games count the dice plus bonus

New Yahtzee with buddies

This game is very hard. I tried and tried to beat the score for Meghan in wedding dice and never won. Now I’m trying to win the super dice...scoring is too hard 😟. Very disappointed

I feel like my iPad will get a virus from this game

Just a horrible mess of a game that keeps getting worse. So full of stupid of stuff that it’s hard to know how to start a game. The game takes waaaaaay to long to load. Everything in the game is slow. Each time you start a game, you have to wait for opponents dice to get out of the way to see board. The ads blast the sound even though I have game sound off, and they often crash game. Way to take a great game and trash it. Just horrible

Fun game

Fun game

No title

Worst app ever. Giving this app one star is too much. It deserves no stars at all. The tournaments are dumb and the showdown dice masters can’t be beat. Games are supposed to be fun and this Yahtzee app isn’t fun at all. It’s very aggravating and irritating. I had this app and deleted it and will no longer ever play it again.


I liked the old tournaments better. Now you have to do too much just too play or even win.

You only win app challenges if you purchase extra dice.

Ok here’s my problem with this app: it’s fun to play until you realize that 90% of the challenges are unwinnable unless you purchase dice, which are NOT CHEAP. What is cheap is their awarding of dice for rewards meeting goals. Then there’s the situation in which the challenge scores you compete against are NEVER what is rolled by the opponent (I’m not referring to fellow players). And sometimes their final scores are ridiculous because they got 3 yatzees. Without buying dice you get a Yahtzee roll about once in 20 games. No thanks. I’m outta here.

New Yahtzee

Don’t enjoy the new game! Will be deleting game and use space for something else.Should not have changed.Too much going on! Was a fun game until you changed it.


Then the new yatzee is awesome. I don’t mysteriously lose any dice I earned. My 3 stars is because the tournaments are gone. I liked spending 2 dice on a tournament that could win me more. Bring back the old tournaments and my dice staying and I’d give this 5 stars

Game fixed

This game is preset for players to lose. You will see that the computer generated players some how always get lucky rolls on all their turns.

Too Many Ads

I don’t mind ads in my games, but a 30 second every 3-4 rolls is far too much. I like be the game, but will be deleting it as who has time for too many and too long of ads.

I just want to play Yahtzee

I don’t want to play against other people and have to sit and wait for someone else to hopefully play against me.

Hate the new tournaments

Why did you take away the ability to play by yourself?! I HATE the new tournaments and all the glitz and shiny crap. I LOVE the solitary game and play a couple of people but you’ve taken away 2 options I had daily. Put. Them. BACK. Please...!!!

This used to be awesome

The new version of this app is awful. Not only does it crash all the time, but it is so slow!!! This app was fun and it was just like the game we grew up with. The new version includes ridiculous pets to be collected?? and it’s almost impossible to earn free rolls. Don’t even bother with this app.


Beyond stupid and childish. Advertising whores. These app developers are useless, just looking for a way to pawn garbage. Try developing games, not childish distractions.

Rip off

Now there is the Adventure puzzle but no more ways to earn the coins. The tournament games against people gave me a chance, but now it is once every six hours against a computer set for me to lose. This means I can’t play the adventure because I will never win coins and I don’t buy them. This is very unfair.

One player

Why can’t I play by myself????

Not enough winnings

For $100 I don’t get many bonus dice. I want bonus dice from scratches

Tournament bug

Having an issue where I will play a tournament game, my card will be full ( all rolls have been played) and then it will make me roll again. With this pending roll, of which there are no open places to choose from, I am stuck. Keeps me from ending the game and being able to begin another in the same tournament. I cannot participate again until the tournament closes and another one begins. This has now happened twice.

New Yahtzee

Not enough clarification. Instructions unclear. Makes me want to go back to the old Dice with Buddies.

Very disappointed

Your game is a joke! The showdown games are really a joke, anytime you play a game and can’t get a decent roll of the dice to even win once in a while then you know this is a real setup. I am not going to spend money just to try and win. What a joke!

Hate the upgrade

My friends and I that have played this game for a while all hate the update. It’s too focused on graphics and not the actual game. Looks cool but so annoying!! Your pending games are hard to see and scratchers are hidden basically. Too much focus on promotions for other things. I’ve never hated an update more on anything than I hate this one.


I was top scorer in one of your tournaments but never received the actual prize after wasting time and dice. I like this version but hate that it takes so long to gain rewards.

Tournament crashed. No customer service available

Playing mid game and the board FROZE. Contacted support. No response. Locked out of ap. Not worthy of your time

Not worth your time

This new Yahtzhee is HORRIBLE! It is next to impossible to win anything such as new dice! I used to love this game but since they changed it I don’t play anymore. It’s hard to navigate and even harder the get any significant rewards such as frames or dice. Don’t waste your time.

Most rigged game I have ever played

The more you play, the longer and more often the ads are. Dice masters are impossible to win. They want you to purchase extra dice rolls and the game is rigged for sure.

The game cheats

Fun game... but the game its self when doing the challenges with AI they always win (even when the score said I would win.) it’s not that right and you should fix it. Also they are too hard. You can’t get the right amount of coins in the right time to get dice buddies. And even then it is far to hard to get coins. I’ll give it 5 stars when the issue is fized

Love the game but...

Been playing this game for a few weeks now and it’s fun and all until you realize all they want is for you to pay for extra rolls and they screw you so you can’t beat any of the tournament people or showdowns. They also make it ridiculous when you are playing a friend. It would be nice if they wouldn’t try and force you to buy it.


I think it would be better if you could see the score board when it is the other person's turn and not dark and cut off

Need 2 buy dice 2 win

Game was fun at one point. Get 2 a certain point in this game where if you don’t purchase free rolls you will never beat any of the challenges will be deleting this game not worth the download time too play waste of time

Annoyed with Earn Bonus Rolls

I really like the game but I’ve gone to earn bonus rolls and done what I was supposed to do to earn the rolls and never got the extra dice. It’s really annoying. I tried to get assistance in the app site and it’s impossible to contact anyone or get a reason why this is happening.

Love the changes but.....

I love Yahtzee and the new tournaments that were added BUT since your latest update I can’t even get the tournaments to open so I can play! Please fix!

Prize Climb and Showdowns are Impossible to Win

DISLIKES Prize Climbs are Impossible to achieve even with the score being lowered. Can’t reach the top at 5 points a win and 2 points a loss unless you play all day back to back. Showdowns are hard to achieve unless you use all your bonus rolls after the free one. But the risk isn’t worth the reward. LIKES I’m enjoying the tournaments thus far. I hope they don’t become impossible to like all the other side games NYWB puts out. SUGGESTION Make the prize climb and showdowns more achievable to win. Keep the showdowns around longer as well as the prize climb. I know YOUR end goal is for people to spend money on bonus rolls, but there’s a lot of us who would rather earn them than buy them. Make the game fair play across the board (no pun intended).

Even more rigged

I like playing other people still, so 2 stars instead of one. Everything else is so rigged that it’s laughable. It’s even harder to beat dice masters now (only 100xp and you have to beat 275 in the first round, and the system will make you try 3-4 times before you do). I like how things are mixed up with the new tournaments but they’re so spread out you won’t play them often, and you don’t even win XP win scratchers. I don’t care a lot about collecting dice so I won’t comment on that but if you want to advance by leveling up, it’s going to take forever.

Used to be a good game

I used to love this game, when it was as simple as opening the app to play a turn. Recently I hadn’t played for weeks, but kept it updated anyway. I opened to app to play a turn & the app burned 63.4 MB of data... Nuff said. At home. Wi-Fi only from now on!!


I love this game and app with one exception. Now that I have a lot of games going there are advertisements that take 30 seconds. Thy appear between almost every time I make a play. It’s very frustrating.

Cheating AI

If you want to play a game that changes the odds of winning so you’ll spend their in game currency more, have at it hoss.


I used to enjoy this game, not anymore! The old games on the old Yahtzee were more fun!

Money pit

This game was fun until you hit about level 40 then it makes it to where you have to constantly buy things to progress. The tournament is a set up, especially the bingo Yahtzee tournament. By the way Trying to win the royal characters is ridiculous to win and probably not going to happen when you get to the top! My advice is to avoid playing unless you have lots of money to buy bonus rolls!

This silly new version

I used to like to play this game now and then but it’s a visual mess now. Can’t easily play a regular old game.

I’m done

Was just forced to download the new version. There’s just too much on the screen and it’s hard to follow. I was also forced to start a new challenge game. Guess I’ll find a new game to play. I’m also editing my review.....the amount of ads is ludicrous!

Scratchers and extra rolls aren’t saving anymore.

I loved this game at first, it has a lot of good features and games and is a good way to pass time. But after a while not all of the features kept working. Any time I win a scratcher it doesn’t save anymore, I should have a ton more because I am constantly winning more. And the same goes with my extra rolls, I should have more extra rolls but they aren’t saving anymore after I win them. If they think they need to get adding more new features to the game they should make sure the old ones are still working right first. Also I used to really like playing the dice master towers, but now they don’t keep them open long enough to be able to get through the tower, they are only available for like 2 weeks and you can only play one game a day before it opens again. It’s very discouraging and not fun.


Very addicting. However it doesn’t pay all rewards you won. It didn’t pay me my 7 dice from a tournament win or my dice from reaching my weekly goal.

Love the game but too glitchy

Really disappointed how glitchy the game is, get kicked out after every roll lately, can't even play

It’s fixed

Unfortunately this games bots are fixed. It’s practically impossible to win no matter how many extra dices you have. This game used to be fun in the beginning but it seems like they made it impossible to win the showdowns. The probability is set in favor for the bot your going against rather than it being completely random like how Yahtzee should be. Don’t waste your money or your time

They got it going on!

I’ve been playing this game three years and it’s never dull! It’s the best game out there and full of rivalries and addictive! The new tournaments they just started are amazing and I love this game! Best team at making sure u stay interested and absorbed! Thank you!

Dice Master Constant Yahtzee

It’s fun but I will never spend another dime on this game. I just play real people now. Playing the Dice Masters which is the games generated players are too hard to beat and it takes a tremendous amount of extra rolls and extra games paid for with real money to beat it. It will get 2 or 3 Yahtzee against you every time as well as filling almost every slot. Human players don’t get Yahtzee every time nor fill every slot with out spending money. If it was a little more fair I’d spend the money I went through $20 the one and only time I paid real money in about an hour and never beat the Dice Master and I’m a pretty good player against real people in the game.


Too much going on makes it hard to just enjoy the game of yahtzee.

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