New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Game App Reviews

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Don’t play the computer

Game is 100% rigged when you play the computer.

Ultimate pay to win

Literally every time you play the AI they roll a Yahtzee. It’s ridiculous. If you want win against it, you will have to spend. The game is fine if you want to play other people. Otherwise, stay away.

it needs a time limit

What i mean is that players dont roll and since there is not time limit to finish your turn they abuse it so they make the opponent loose their patience and the person who didnt roll gets easy stats and rewards

This game is riged

Every time I've played a computer on this game and I'm ahead by a lot the computer comes back and beats me at the last role. Worst version of yatze every not with it.

New version is so dumb

The new version is dumbed down. Way too busy, way too many stupid features and way too much going on. I keep playing the original but unfortunately a lot of things aren’t available anymore. Ugh please change back

New Version

I really like all the flashy stuff that was added, but think it's complete and utter BS that when you use the Prize Claw you can get dice sets that you already own....waste of my tokens.

Very disappointing

I hate all the new changes. I’ve been a loyal player for years and I’m really starting to dislike this app. The weekly challenges are impossible to beat unless you dedicate your life to this game. You would have to play hundreds of games a week to get close to earning 32000 points. Incredibly frustrating. Scratchers rarely give bonus rolls now. The most common reward are xp points, which are essentially useless. Dice master towers are blatantly rigged and extremely hard to defeat. Instead of being rewarded a new set of dice, you’ll receive scratchers that give you a character card. Collect all of the characters and you’ll get dice claw coins. Let me be clear, I hate not having choices in which prizes I earn. It takes all the fun out of winning. The dice claw is a TERRIBLE concept. With the diamonds you could decide which dice to add to your collection. Now you have to earn claw coins (which are very difficult to get) and you’ll receive a random set. You can be given repeats with no compensation or ones you dislike and can’t get rid of. Even worse are the holiday event dice claws which are time limited. It seems there is no possibility of getting prizes without buying them. The NFL claw is a bad idea. Now I’m stuck with dice from a team I dislike and can’t delete.

Dice Prizes

I really enjoy this game. Have always been a Yahtzee fan. I don’t understand why you can only see prize dice on the iPad version and not on iPhone. The iPhone app just shows standard black dot dice. Also, the opponents roll blocks the score sheet too long. Please shorten that time period so players can see their Ones and 3of a kind boxes. Game graphics lag when scoring and rolling are both on screen. Fix these items and this game is a 5 star.


I don’t want to use Facebook to play people I know.

App is overstuffed

The old app was very simple to navigate and straightforward. The new app is way more childish and has so many things going on that it’s easy to get lost and press things you didn’t want too. It’s pretty ridiculous. Not sure why y’all went from simple to completely convoluted.

App is crap

Way to ruin a fun game. The app shuts down mid game, mid claiming rewards, whenever. Customer service won't do anything to help you. The level of incompetence is mind boggling. If you ha net downloaded this app, don't. Just save yourself the headache.

Good aesthetics, poor gameplay

Overall, it’s a fun game, but everything is loosely predetermined which is very, very frustrating at times.

Not fair

The game is fine, But Screws you over. I played a tournament and halfway through it stopped allowing me to roll. Also anytime I have dice, I can’t get any good rolls without having to play them. I won’t pay money on a game if it seems like that’s its whole set up.


The ads are f*cking annoying. Bad upgrade.


Rating this a one star is generous! - the towers will waste a good amount of bonus for a chance to win it cheats!! It will always get 2+ Yahtzee you will be lucky to get a 3 of a kind - the need a score of 880 to basically unless you work for the company you will not win a thing - the claw machine is a joke.... You will get dice repeats after working hard to get coins.....they currently have NFL will get dice for teams you don’t want and repeats of those after spending all your bonus rolls to get the coins which are a pain in the butt to get I emailed scopely they say the game doesn’t support that you choose your used to be able to use diamonds to choose your dice. It’s because scopely is a bunch of greedy savages who want you to spend your hard earned cash to try to win the dice you want....they don’t care about their players for them to choose. The happier your players the more money you can make!!

Hate this version!!!!

Bring back original the original game WITHOUT buddies. I no longer play by myself or with friends because this new version is horrible. Really missing the old game and will have to find an alternative. HAVE DELETED.


I have been playing this for a couple years now. I do like the new layout but that’s where the positives end. It’s impossible to win the larger tournaments. The winners are ALWAYS in the 500s. As I mentioned I have been playing for years and I don’t think I have ever been close to 500 but this is daily and constantly that the winners are in the 500s range. Also the showdowns are much harder. I used to be able to finish most of the showdowns but since the new layout I maybe have won 1 to the top. It’s very disappointing now and not nearly as much fun.

Showdowns and special events are horrible

Sick of spending money on bonus rolls and never end up even beating the first level of any showdown or special event. I just play to ply my buddies anymore. I won’t even look at the showdowns or special event games...waste of time and the took the fun out of it. Scratchers are bad too. All I ever get is XP points and nothing to show for it. they’re not getting any more of my money. I used to love this not so much

Yahtzee player

The game is ok but it freezes up too much, it boots you out of a game, and at times it doesn’t give you the correct score on the game board😔

Hate it

Absolutely hate it !!!!!!!!!

Thumbs down

The home screen is way too busy! Overall, I hate the new update.

Very addictive

Fun and very addictive

No fun anymore

I agree with everything “SarahLovesElvis” says in her review!! You screwed the pooch!!!

Fix It

I keeps shutting down. And the ads during a roll is annoying. Fix it!

Horrible new version

This game has gone downhill. This game sticks you every chance it can. You get cheated out of rolls, scratch cards and also on the claw section. Don’t do upgrade nor download

So. Many. Ads.

This game would be terrific, and it was, then the game decided to introduce ads and ads and ads. Now every few seconds of play is interrupted by annoying ads. The game is not worth it now.

Not so great upgrade...

The screen is too busy, there’s too much hokey animation. All of my friends have quit playing since the version. Bring back a version for adults!


You guys managed to ruin a perfectly designed game. Never again!

Could be better

Way to busy. Tower scores are outrageous. If you can get a Yahtzee, you don’t get squat on the top. Can barely break 220 on this one. Tower bosses scores don’t lower each time you rematch either. The old one you had a chance without dropping crazy money for rolls. Add something for dice trading with friends. That would be cool.

Love the game but it crashes a LOT

The game is great but it's extremely frustrating that the ad pop ups cause the game to crash. Within 5 minutes of play time it crashed 3 times. Please fix the bugs.

The new game

I do not like it. I have downloaded it and played it. I like the old one better

Expensive and long waits

Actually just deleted this app. First waiting more than 8 days for another player to take their is absurd should be max of 48 hours. The gist of extra spins which you need to win in the tournament is crazy. Lots of cheaper games with quicker turn around times

Multiplayer is fun, but the rest is rigged.

I have played in multiplayer player games with mixed results one would expect from certain levels of skill mixed with luck. While playing the computer you get consistent low scores while the computer scores around 315 each time. Don't waste your time with any aspect of this game that would cause you to spend money, this game is very predatory.


My new daily addiction!


What a joke these are. There is no way to beat these unless you buy extra rolls. I was ahead by 45 and wouldn’t you know it. The computer rolled a 2nd Yahtzee to beat me. Imagine that. These designers should learn to make it easier to get these dice you try so hard for. That’s why I gave up on all the other promotions. Your game is pathetic. You think I’m sending you money to get all these dice so I can succeed, you’re out of your mind. I work hard for my money, I sure as heck won’t send any to you to get ahead in a virtual game. It’s not even fun to play. Thank God I only use it for chat. There’s my review. I gave it one star, only because I could choose any lower than one.

Showdowns are ridiculous

This is an overall fun game to play but don’t ever count on winning the showdowns. It’s very annoying. They make it impossible to win. I want to know why they make it so difficult to get extra bonus rolls? Some days I can watch videos to earn rolls. Other days not at all. They should have an option to watch as many videos as a person wants for bonus rolls. I feel like quitting this game all together.

Don’t do it!!

You can’t play unless u win against others


WOW, new screen, that's about it, it takes longer to play, same old cheating ripping you and all tournaments are still fixed and rigged,

Like this game but one problem

I like this game but it is a resource hog on my phone, as I have to plugged it in as it drains the battery like crazy.

Too many ads

When your game gets interrupted three times during one match for some stupid ads you’ve gone too far. I understand ads are needed to keep the game free but come on please don’t inundate is with ads during play. Maybe one before the match or after or as soon as you log on but during a roll? Have some dignity folks.

Don’t like new version

I do not like the APP! You need to start thinking about you senior players! This app is confusing! Why can’t you just leave things alone!! Also I don’t get as many free dice as I did in the old version. I may just uninstall and be done!

New update took my games

I loved this game until the new update. My notifications show it is my turn, but it doesn’t show them in the home screen. Now my games will all forfeit. The new Yahtzee is slower with all of the “awesome!”, and “great play” responses. The upper part of the board is covered when you first roll and you have to wait for that to clear so you can see what is open at the top. I much prefer the classic, which isn’t available anymore.


I’m pretty sure this game is rigged- and vindictively at that. Had to scratch your fours? Next turn you roll 4’s. Need one dice to be a 2 for your bonus? Everything except for 2’s. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Also the app is aesthetically atrocious.


When playing the towers it’s impossible to win. Most of the time can’t win but a game or two. Haven’t completed a tower since changing from the old version to the new.

Too hard!!!

Dice master towers are way too hard to beat! It took some effort but I used to be able to beat a lot of the masters. Now it takes me DAYS just to beat the FIRST one and by then the challenge is almost over. So what’s the point? This used to be my favorite part about the game but now I’m considering deleting it all together. It’s not enjoyable anymore. Don’t waste your time. I’d give it zero stars if I could.

New app is the worst!!!

I have been faithfully playing this game over two years now so when the new app came out I gave it a good chance. It is impossible and frustrating! I have not been able to win a Dice Master Tower since the switch. They are now RIDICULOUSLY hard to win. I don’t have $100 to spend on bonus rolls. And the dice I have “won” through the dice claw I already purchased with diamonds in the old game so why am I wasting my time??? I understand you’re a company and need to make money, I bought bonus rolls on occasion in the old app but this is crazy!!!! Most people I was playing with before must have less patience than I do b/c they are no longer playing. Do yourself a favor and ease up on this sh*t or you’re probably going to lose a lot more. Crying shame I loved this game.

Terrible!! Stay Away!!

The graphics, the game and the concept are great… But when the app crashes every single day, sometimes a dozen times… This should not have been released until it was thoroughly tested! How can you have fun, when it always crashes! This happens on both my phone and my iPad!

Since the X there are issues

The changes to the game seem too busy. The “bosses” are too hard and so much animation it just seems over done. Other issues with the ads, on the X sometimes the x will not allow to close the ad

Lack of rewards

Love the new Yahtzee but yet you can’t earn bonus rolls from scratchers, I almost never get any. You can’t even collect the dice roll you want, I’d would be prefer to collect tokens to pay for a dice I want rather than playing with the useless claw for boring ugly dives that we have already.

Nothing random about it

Fun game, but don’t think you’ll ever beat a dice master on the last roll. For example, if you need two(2) fives to hit bonus on your last roll, expect to only roll one or zero fives. Every. Single. Time. Cheaters

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