New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice App Reviews

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What a frustrating game! Playing against the computer like in the tournaments or for any of the characters is a joke. Just when you think you’re doing well, the computer just happens to get a Yahtzee! You ONLY win if the game allows it.

New Yahtzee

The old version was so much better. The new version has lousy algorithms for probable outcome. When playing with a buddy, over half the time we get the exact same series of rolls. This takes out all the fun and competition!

Very expensive

You can’t play hardly anything without having to purchase rolls. Plus you don’t even know how many players you are playing against in tournaments. Old version always told you. Scratchers give you pretty much nothing. Would be an awesome game if it played fair.

Could Be Better..

The new version has some neat features. There are a lot of things to do, which can be slightly overwhelming at times but provide opportunities for different challenges. With that said, the dice masters are often impossible to beat. Also, lacking the ability to select desired dice designs is frustrating in the new version. I finally get the opportunity to get a new dice design only to have the game give me dice I already have in my collection. If it takes so long to earn these dice, why can’t we just pick what we want like we did with the older version? Additionally, it might be better to have the newest games go to the back so you can get through the older games first. Overall, it’s fun. However, the fact that I can’t choose dice anymore, and the levels are often too difficulty to beat unless you pay out for an endless supply of extra rolls, doesn’t make the game as intriguing as it used to be.

Missing extra rolls

Overall I enjoy the game but what is really getting to me are not only my purchased extra rolls (I’ve only done this twice) but the earned rolls are literally disappearing. I use a couple of extra rolls and then ALL the points are gone or have reduced to less than half. I wouldn’t be as frustrated if I hadn’t purchased the extra rolls.

Prize climb

Love this game, but need to fix the fact that I’m not seeing all my friends on the prize climb! It gets annoying!


I’ve been playing this game since it was just Yahtzee with Buddies. I have to say not all the changes are good. I particularly do not like the new tournaments. It’s like no matter how well you play, the computer gets literally one more point than you! Rarely winning makes me want to quit in favor of some other game- hence the 2 star rating!

Earned Dice

The game is great, however, it’s disappointing that when I get enough tokens for another set of dice that I am continuing to get the same dice over and over. Same happens with the special dice claws. It takes a lot to earn those tokens and then they are wasted on the same dice. Seems there should be a way for the game to see what I have already. This happens way too often and is always a disappointment.

Doesn’t work

Just stops on the screen that says tournament and haven’t played in a long time. Yahtzee was more fun on the old app with diamonds instead of claw and without time consuming animations. Left same review last time. Problem not solved.

New version keeps freezing!!!

I loved the old version but the new one freezes regularly. It’s as if the app has too much going on. The developers need to spend some time to work this out!

Very glitchy...

Ever since the recent update, it’s been glitchy and i have to keep exiting out of the tournaments that i play because the score doesn’t load properly. Please fix this

Love the game

Adictivo me encanta

Fed Up w/new version

I’m annoyed with the new version, on the weekly goal you only get scratcher cards, on the old version you would get XP points and other things for each different goal points. For new frames, they are asking for dice to enter a tournament. And now, the most recent games are in the front of the line while the games that have been waiting days to play in on the back of the queue. It seems as though they’ve made it impossible to win against the ‘Bosses’ in the showdown, which is incredibly tedious to play over & over, along with that they end the game before you can actually see the final score so who knows if you actually lose or win bc they don’t let you really see the final play; I swear I’ve scored higher but when it comes down to the end I can’t really verify that bc they took the game awaY already. Fed up with this version, the olde version was much better. Basically the only thing that’s better is the scorecard is on the whole screen now. Also when accepting rewards or reaching goals; I’m not actually receiving some of the items like any of the scratchers except for the classic one. And I’ve also been cheated out of extra dice that I was supposed to be able to claim from rewards.

Rating game

Not too far from original board game.

Freezes WAY to much

I’ve had to restart it several times. Loading speed is awful lags way to much.


Unless you spend, your rolls never seem to work out - only time it seems fair is when you play another plater. Thought it would be improved this time around, hmmmm.

I love this game but getting frustrated

I love this game but getting frustrated, not going to get my extra coins or dice on the Father’s Day climb. Because it keeps saying can’t except roll try again in a few minutes. Have spent way too much money. Can you fix please. This is very frustrating, 8 hrs later & it’s still not letting me finish.

Constantly Crashes

Liked the original game (5 stars) without all the bells and whistles. Last few application updates cause lots of crashes, take forever to load and drain my battery. Coins always crashes on me. Sometimes less is more.

Don’t start playing

I have been playing a long time now. It is a shame that after purchasing rolls I am still unable to get a Yahtzee or even more than 17 bonus rolls on 99 scratchers! The game is absolutely set up to make you fail against the computer players so you can’t win in the showdown.

Fun to play, BUT, 90% of players won’t finish the game.

I think they are waiting on me to forfeit!?

Ignorant creators, bad system

UPDATE #1: I just found out today that you can earn a bunch of bonus rolls for free. But - oh wait, it’s a scam! So, you can supposedly download games and take surveys to earn bonus rolls. It seemed suspicious, so I tried taking the survey. It said on the app it would be about which was better: Butterfinger or Snickers. When I took the survey, the first question was “which is better: M&Ms or Snickers”, and then the rest of the questions were very...personal. It asked about if you or a loved one has been crippled, if you visit your doctor often, if you have a specific type of car, etc. Then, at the end of all, it gives me a list of “deals” based off of the answers I gave. I tapped a random one, and then it asked for my full name, email, phone number, and address to send me a $100 Walmart gift card. Just a little note: don’t EVER give these kinds of sites that kind of info. You never know what they’re going to do with it, and they could possibly be giving it away to random strangers. I quickly closed out of the survey, and will NEVER do that again. Based on this experience, I’m lowering my rating from two stars to one star, because it’s RIDICULOUS that these sketchy companies and people are paying the creators of this game to host dangerous surveys on the app. I’ll also blame the creators, too. They honestly don’t care what games or surveys they’re hosting on the app, even if they’re dangerous, as long as they’re getting money. When I saw that there is a Yahtzee mobile game where you can customize your dice and play against other people, I was psyched. But I later realized that this game is UNFAIR. After one day of playing it, it starts cheating me. What do I mean? I mean that I was getting rolls where I couldn’t get any points. Yet, the day before, every roll got me something, whether it was a full house, a chance, etc. Now, I can’t even get one Yahtzee, no matter how many bonus rolls I take. I’ve played countless games today, and I’ve come so close, having four of a number, then I take my third roll, and it’s NEVER the number I want. Never. And I’m serious. I quickly run out of bonus rolls trying to get one Yahtzee, when yesterday I got THREE in one game, plus a few more. Then, there are the dice masters. I played the pizza guy, and I won (that was yesterday, by the way), but now I can’t play any dice master games anymore. Why? If you’re not on three bars of Wi-Fi, it disconnects you from the game. Even if you have two bars, it disconnects you, saying the connection is “not stable”. You know what is actually not stable on this game? The game itself! In Yahtzee Bingo, I was TWO POINTS AWAY from beating the goal score of 450. I had to either get a Yahtzee or four of a kind. For some screwed up reason, I couldn’t even get three of a number, leading to a failure. There’s also this game mode called “High Rollers” where you spend bonus rolls on games to get more of them. The bottom line is - it’s gambling. I don’t recommend this game.


I love this game, but I wish it would stop freezing up on me. Have to un and install daily! Ever since they started with the tournament, I have to uninstall and install on a daily basis! FIX THIS PROBLEM OR I WONT PLAY NO MORE!!


Honestly this game is far from being real Yahtzee, players wait days to make moves, the showdown game is horrible example I was playing shadow pizza guy and I was actually going to win because he only had two’s left yet he got a Yahtzee with 5 twos which he should not have gotten because he marked zero on the card. Support is of no use as they deny everything. The algorithms they use are completely out of wack example I had 4 ones on the first roll then I rolled 3 more times i landed 3 times on a 3 and the percentage of that is .00013%. They allow players to cheat by using glitches.


Completely unnecessary graphics and animations. There seems to be a requirement to have a tutorial for a game that I’m pretty sure people were born knowing how to play.

New Yates

New is not always better or improved. The games are great but the app crashes ... ALOT! I will be in the middle of a roll and the game closes and it takes a few tries to get it back up, then I have search every where to find the game I was playing. Very annoying and frustrating.

More annoying than fun!

I enjoyed the old ‘Yahtzee with Buddies’ much more than this new version that I was forced to go with if I wanted to continue playing. I would think that changes would mean improvement, but it was definitely the opposite with this game!

Freezes and lags

The game was great and with new update there is a lot going on. So much that the app freezes and lags A LOT now. A game can’t continue to be great if you can’t even finish a game.

Rip off

They should have try to improve the old version before releasing this new version. Still so many bugs in the app. With the animations it slows the game down so much. When I get the weekly prize boxes and it says I got a dice masters scratch card, the cards does not show up in my scratch card area, same with the classics scratch cards. Update 6-16-18: App crashes so much, almost minutes

Dump truck in app purchase unwanted

I love the game but it seems that I have accidentally made a purchase and I don’t seem to be getting a reply from customer support. I know there is a finger print process but I was trying to exit and I ended up approving the purchase accidentally. I wasn’t even in the menu to make a purchase. I’d like a refund please. I haven’t used any of the product, whatever it is. Thanks


It's a pain in the butt because it keeps kicking me out after one roll so it takes me 5 minutes to just get my 3 rolls in. I updated the game and it still isn't any better. It makes me not want to waste my time playing anymore..

Old version was better

There is too much going on with this “update”. Unfortunately the old version will not run on my phone anymore. This version is more pay-to-win garbage that iOS developers keep pushing. Honestly the current state of development is horrible, it’s not just this developer but all. This game has way too much going on and I haven’t won a single game but I’ve received numerous notifications to purchase stuff.

Worse Rewards

You play and you play, finally you get notice of a reward, a scratch off card advertising you can win dices, but 8 out of 10 times you only get “rewarded “ with XP points which only give you dice reward after accumulating thousands of these XP points. And if you want to buy dice, it is outrageously expensive. I spent too much and got little to no satisfaction. Used to play every day, 2 to 4 times a day, now, 1 time is enough to frustrate me. Stay away from this game! 😡

Much improved

This is a fun little game. After playing for a couple weeks, I felt the odds were so skewed toward the house it wasn’t fun to play. Lately, my odds of winning have improved greatly. And the developers have worked hard to create lots of imaginative variations on the classic game. Yahtzee Bingo! What a hoot! Keep up the good work....

It seems that the only way to win

Is by buying dice..

Busy layout

I love the game but the the app is so busy I can’t tell what game I’m actually playing.

ᴛʜᴇ bots...

absolutely love the game but the bots are too hard to beat. you should make the bots level depend on the players level because a level 1 player could never beat a max level bot...

Horrendous Ad Experience

The game play is fine. The biggest issue with the game is the horrible ad experience. They serve a horizontal video ad where the ‘X’ to click out his hidden off screen or under the time/date on your phone, so you’re stuck mashing your screen hoping you click the ‘X’. Why would you serve a horizontal video ad when the game is played in vertical mode? Horrendous. It’s also serves up fake ad clicks to the advertisers because you’re not actually clicking the ad, you’re trying to remove it. Normally, I could deal with this if it were occasional, but they serve this type of ad all the time.


i only played half a game and immediately deleted. it tells you what to do! takes all the fun out. when i want to keep certain dies and reroll others- i cannot. also if i click on a dice to keep it and then change my mind, i should be able to change my mind. this would probably be a good app for someone to learn how to play

Newest update is terrible

The newest update for this game has cause my game to glitch out. It is no longer playable as I can not read any numbers on the dice or the scoreboard.

New update

The new update has broken the UI for me. I can navigate the main menu but it is laggy and I cannot get into any current games or other sub menus

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0 Stars

I could care less about the interface or the colors or what the dice look like. It's the gameplay that's garbage. It's not hard to see when the game doesn't want you to win. I've gotten maybe 2 yahtzee's in 2 weeks of play, and going against the npc is almost a guaranteed loss. They will almost always get Yahtzee, and will always fall behind, just to out score you in the last 3 rolls. I may sound salty, and I am. But in a game about random dice rolls, you can easily see the pattern. This is no better than any slot machine game, you'll get almost to victory and it will always yank it away.

Zero stars

If all you play is human opponents, if they really are, then it is ok. Stay away from any tower, tournament or adventure as these are all meant to make you spend money to buy extra rolls, which are required to win any of them. Computer always gets multiple Yahtzees in most of those games, my last tower attempt, I had 6 turns to get a 6 for the bonus, never saw a 6 in any of those turns and lost by 10 points...coincidence? I think not!

Hooks you, then pulls the rug out from under you.

Fun to play at first. You win some, you lose some. I actually did pretty well. Now I can’t win ANY showdowns and ads pop up after every move. Why would I want to keep playing if I can’t ever win and unmuted ads pop up all the time? I realize I can pay for no ads, but it went from none ever to one every move. Exasperating.


Fun game


I was enjoying the new feature of tournaments, but with this latest version I cannot access them anymore. When aí tap the button, it does nothing. I can still play showdowns and other people, but I am very frustrated.

Could be great

I think the game itself is fun. However, you add all these challenges but make them impossible to win. Why? The fun in playing a game is for said game to actually be beatable and to win dice that are advertised. Winning XP’s in place of anything else is truly LAME. Most of us want bonus rolls are the super special dice!!! I’m all for some challenging things but not every freaking thing. It’s not worth playing if that’s the case. Jmo


I would give this zero stars if possible. I loved playing the previous version, but this new version is absolutely terrible. It forces me to challenge random strangers and to play random mini games instead of actually playing Yahtzee, and my friends and I can’t actually play with each other because it won’t go past turn one without resetting our games to new games. Literally unusable. Plus the goofy characters are stupid. Such a bummer, I really liked the previous version.


So much going on with eye-grabbing/distracting graphics that it’s laughably slow. If you’re a red-blooded American, you won’t want to wait for every dice to traipse cutely across your screen. And whatever you do, don’t roll a Yahtzee...they’ll make you pay with the next 6 months of your life while you wonder about your other games. Two stars for nostalgia’s sake... Update: I take it back; if you tap the screen after a Yahtzee, the dog will stop dancing. So yay.

Bug fix broke it

Tournament is not working now

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