New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice App Reviews

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Money grab

I hate that free rolls are basically impossible to get now that you can’t gift to friends and they NEVER give them on scratchers!

Terrible new version

This version is obviously targeting a young audience with the narratives such as “wow” “awesome roll” and the animated dog Yahtzee. This gets plain tiresome very quickly. Functionally, the developer did no service to the players by displaying the opponents last roll for such a long duration which covers up the top row such that you have to wait to see if you need to get 1’s or 3 of a kind....a major inconvenience.

Horrible Horrible Update

Why would you change the game to this new update, it is HORRIBLE!! I am deleting it! It’s to busy the other Yahtzee was much better, easy.


Was my favorite game until you updated it with new game play. Will now be deleting it!!


What happened to all my scratch offs that I had in the other version? I prefer the last version.

Would give zero stars if possible

4/19/18 Update: Nearly a month ago my account was “temporarily suspended from full High Roller experience “and I was advised to “contact customer service representatives for further details”. I have sent several emails trying to learn why the suspension happened, as I had not played a highroller game in a while prior to the block, and I have received no response and the restrictions have not been lifted. Why have customer service representatives at all if they never get back to you?! 3/7/18 Update: I still have plenty of Dice Masters to collect. I just used 150 bonus rolls to purchase 5 Dice Master Scratchers and instead of a Dice Master, I was awarded 100xp for each card... And by the way, once someone collects all of the dice masters in each album, how exactly are they supposed to earn prize tokens to get more new dice from that worthless claw that gives you the same dice over and over again anyway?! 2/24/18 Update: Not one of my opponents has rolled since my last update. 35 individual games have completely stalled, even though I can see their status is ‘active’ and have messaged them. Many of these players have regularly been my opponents since last May. They are clearly still playing other opponents and all of them stopping their matches with me at precisely the same time makes no sense. 2/23/18 Update: I have 3 or 4 dozen matches going at any given time. Lately, if my opponents roll at all, they may roll once a day, all at the same time: 11:30 pm. Literally. My games only update once a day and all at the same time. The odds that all 35 players make their play once a day at precisely the same moment are insanely low. This has to be a glitch. Please look into it. I love Yahtzee and I’ve been playing the old version for a while. I was pretty excited to give this new version a try. Some features are more functional than the old version, e.g. the submit button doesn’t obscure other scores boxes on the board. But there are a lot of features I don’t like: 1.) The biggest frustration is how unrealistically high the weekly goal is. It’s literally twice what it was in the old version. I used to reach the goal and receive new dice in the old version nearly every week, using quite a bit of time to do so. To reach 32,000 points every week in the new version, you’d have to play nonstop all week, ignoring work, school, or any other meaningful responsibility. And there aren’t as many ways to keep playing while you wait for your opponents to roll. The waits to compete with dice masters has doubled and you only get one shot at it, rather than three, before you have to wait for another turn or pay with dice to play right away. It’s not fun to try to reach unattainable goals. 2.) The animations are incredibly juvenile and waste a lot of time. We don’t need a puppy wagging his tail every time we get a Yahtzee or ‘WOW’ and ‘AMAZING’ flashing across the screen after every roll. A fast game is more fun than one filled with childish animations and characters. The overall color scheme is very bright, almost in your face. This isn’t an instructional reading app for toddlers. A clean design with a blend of neutral and bold colors would be more universally appealing. 3.) We have to tap on the screen to collect our winnings after we are shown what we have won. Of course we will accept them; they should deposit automatically. And the darkening screen prior to receiving our winnings and the slow fade up take up unnecessary time. 4.) The scratch cards used to award free bonus rolls but now they almost exclusively award experience points. We already earn points by playing the game. It has become far more difficult to earn bonus rolls. Pushing the store on us? 5.) The diamonds have been removed with no way to convert or redeem them. Many players accumulated thousands of diamonds in the old version and now cannot use them. There is no way to use them in the old version because no new dice have been added to it in months. 6.) The claw game that replaces the diamond system is not effective at all. Once you manage to earn a handful of coins, the claw game repeatedly awards dice you already own and awards the same sets of dice over and over. And it has become incredibly difficult to defeat dice masters in Showdown towers, making it very difficult to earn coins to even try for a new set of dice. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this, but I used to play through a tower, with plenty of effort required to do so, a few times before it would expire. Now I rarely make it through once, and that means I don’t earn the free dice set or the dice master scratch card, or the coins which would allow me to try to get new dice. It’s a complete waste of time and effort. Having a system where you can earn currency and then select dice you like (and obviously don’t already own) is far preferable to the joke that is the current system. 7.) Opponents rolls cover the top two boxes in the scoring card making it difficult to plan our own moves as we take our turn. And in the Showdowns against different dice masters, it no longer shows the average score of your opponent. That was helpful in determining strategy and a score to shoot for. I appreciate the effort that went into a new version, but a lot of it was completely unnecessary for enjoyable gameplay.

Bad updates

Your new Yahtzee stinks and now you want to change the word game, why can’t you leave a good thing be....?????

The “NEW” download

I do NOT like the “new” Yahtzee game. I want the old one back. The new one seems to take longer to play. GO BACK TO THE OLD YAHTZEE!!

Waaaay too many ads

The game itself is good and I realize they have to pay the bills but the ad frequency ruined it for me. Deleted. Did not want to pay $5 to remove ads.

Fun game, ipad version is portrait only

I love the game on the iPhone, but the iPad version is portrait only which is lame in 2018.


I really don’t like the latest upgrade. I think they probably messed up the game. It seems like they made it more of a hassle to play in a lot less fun.


I will continue to play this, as it is one the few games I play with my family all over the world. That being said, I do not like the “New”Yahtzee. 1). The dice you finally do get to earn don’t reflect personality, hobbies, or interests. I am given random cartoony dice, some of which are only in a collection that are unplayable. 2). I cannot play games oldest to newest. The option is only for the reverse. 3). “Earning” bonus rolls are much harder. There are various “scratchers,” but they earn you minimal points and infrequent rolls. Of course, there are numerous ways for purchasing rolls. 4). Winning tournament play seems unachievable without purchasing rolls. All in all, I liked the older version much more.


I swear I play this for hours at a time. It’s very addictive ‼️ I have only been playing about a week but u wud think it’s been months. The only thing I despise is too many ads. It didn’t have that many when I first started playing idk what happened to increase the amount of ads. Other than that it’s a great app and good way to pass the time ‼️

Horrible update

New layout is horrible. Probably losing a player here. Not intuitive, hard to find things. Simply got this one all wrong!!!! My biggest complaint is it is slow. The opponent’s role covers the top of my board and I am usually done rolling before it clears. This is a fast paced game. I should not be waiting. Found something else. When waiting on a turn from my opponent, if I click on the board I can’t see what I have/need etc.... make no sense to cover half the board and almost black it out.


The game is difficult to see on a smart phone

Awful!! Ruined a good game

Classic example of reinventing the wheel and blowing it. Original Yahtzee was a favorite game of mine. Played it daily and all throughout the day. Then they shut it down for this one. This one has basically made me quit playing. Format is so childish and ridiculous and game play is so slow. Big shout out the the designers who thought this was a good idea to replace the original! You guys win the WTH was I thinking award!!

I miss the old version

I miss the old version. This one is too busy.. too much stuff going on. May stop playing. I like playing game, not the side by side against my opponent.

Not happy with this update.

Probably won’t play this anymore. New update is impossible to navigate smoothly. The old version allowed me to play at a fast pace, this new version takes me 10 times longer. Why did you mess with a good thing?


What a disappointment. Loved to play the old version with my family while I’m away from home. Forced to download this and it’s total crap

Feeling like it’s rigged

I play the challenges to win chances for dice and rarely win. It’s pointless to even try when there isn’t enough time to reach the deadlines. I should really delete this app.


I deleted this app. It gave me no choice but to update- it’s awful !!!!

A joke

Update is a joke did it weeks ago and now can’t load it! What a joke

Local play

Frustrating as it is difficult to get it to open to play

Not Happy!

Too confusing!

Very entertaining.. but...

Soooooooo many ads!!

A piece of crap!

The stupid designer rips everyone off and then try’s to charge us. Forget this game is a joke.

Transfer friends

Not happy the people I have been playing for so long didn’t transfer over. I have no way of finding them.

30 second ads every 3 moves


Ruined by long ads

I just started playing a few weeks ago and could tolerate the ads I could close in 5 seconds. Now I play 3 turns and here comes a 30 second ad I can’t close early anymore. Now there is more ad than gameplay and that’s a big problem. I’m done until it has improved. Too bad, I was enjoying the app.

Fun game but advertisement is too long

A few seconds is tolerable but 30 is way too long. This only just started. Please fix this and return to 5 seconds.


ok I got this app- couldnt stop play it amd now all if a sudden theres like 30 second add that I havemt to wait andbwatch all of it.... so lame. I think im going to delete this app now

My review

I don’t like it. I lost my dice and the players I was playing. Too fancy.

Ads ads everywhere

Too many ads and they’re super long. Deleting.

Yatzy good everything else not good

Yatzy functionality too many other games inside the game and unbelievable add saturation

Yahtzee with buddy’s

It’s a great game. Very addictive.

Love it

Very addicting

I hate the update

I hate the update! Way to much going on. The old version was simple and fun this version is to much. I will be deleting it soon :( dad because I have been playing Yahtzee with my mom for a year now.

New app SOOOOO slow

The new Yahtzee app is terrible - so slow and there is such lag time from when you select a play to when the game registers it. The old app was so much quicker and more user friendly. I do love the game but I hate the updates!


This use to be my favorite game, I could play with my friends. Since the update it's the worst game. BRING BACk THE OLD VERSION This is horrible don't waste your time

New Yahtzee

It’s not user friendly at all. I like the older version much better. I don’t play this one as much

Too much garbage

They’ve added so much garbage that isn’t related to the game play that it’s hardly worth playing. If I want to play their challenges or with strangers how about a simple link to those options instead of intruding on my game play with people I already play with by your picks of who I should play with or challenges. The way these “features” are presented are intrusive and get in the way of the game, not to mention bog play down on slower devices and network connections. How about options in settings to turn off suggested opponents and available challenges?

“Helpful” arrow is NOT

Get rid of the arrow after the initial games, please. It blinks directly over the middle die and obscures the center dot, making it impossible to tell if it’s a 2/3 or a 4/5.


Too slow

Needs work

I don’t care for this format tho opponents dice stay up to long and cover my open slots

Don’t like updated version at all!

I paid for the previous version without ads. When it was updated that went away. It also did not bring over my games that were in progress. And it would not let me play a regular game, I had to play some computer initiated game. And the format looks worse than when video games first started 20+ years ago. I deleted the app. Was upset about that because it was my favorite game plus the fact that I paid for the other one!!


I can’t say I like the latest version better than the old one. It’s more glitzy and gimmicky and confusing but the worst part is the Edward Jones ad for free dice. The red screen that comes up at the end puts the X for closing the app squarely under the time stamp in the corner of my iPhone X so I can’t close it after it has run and locks itself there. Fix it but please!

Bring back the old Yahtzee!!!

My husband and I enjoy the “Local Pass and Play” option on Yahtzee. For some reason on the new app, after a couple of rolls we start to get the same roll! This takes away most of the fun, as one of us always knows what to keep or not keep in order to get a good score. Very disappointed.


I liked it better before you changed it! Too much going on now on the screen


Why why why do you ruin a good thing? I put off updating as long as I could since I heard/read the updated version had so many user dislikes. Less is better, simple is better. Now the game start up and subsequent screens are clogged with way too many visuals. I just want to play Yahtzee. It will be bye bye for me.


I play Yahtzee every day with my sister-in-law & some friends. Hate the new version which is way too busy. The simplicity of the game is lost. The graphics are annoying and childish. I don’t like to play with strangers, so all the challenges are another annoyance. I have a hard time even finding my games.

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