New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice App Reviews

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Why cheat customers?

Too hard to win various events, clearly rigged. If you spend bonus rolls built up over time, you get to play the dice claw which gives you the same dice over and over and over. Why feel the need to cheat your customers? The games against opponents feel fair, but all other events and challenges are blatantly rigged - engineered to get people to buy bonus rolls, coins, etc. It’s just sad and unethical. If not for this, is a great game.


I love it it’s the best game ever.

It’s ok

But I prefer the old version this is different


When trying to win seasonal dice, I received the same set 4x. It did have a special feature after 2 but why win it 4x? A waste of time. Plus it costs a small fortune in app purchases.

Yahtzee with buddies

I really enjoy the game.

Awesome, addicting game!

Great game for all members of the family

I loveeeee it 😍♥️🎲🎲

It is such a fun game i love it 🎲♥️😍


Love it!!!

Fun game but....

Recently won a tournament (came in first-have photo to prove) but never received all the prizes-the 20 dice did not show up Add a second tournament win today and 16 dice wine that never showed up-again screenshot to prove but it takes all the fun out it when you win and get nothing-as of now they owe me 36 dice and a few scratch off cards-the help function is useless because it says contact us if you have issues but it doesn’t tell you WHERE the contact us function is-

I love Yahtzee

I love Yahtzee

Never played Yahtzee like this before!

So many options to play different ways!

Too busy

Too much stuff on the screen. Too hard to find the games I care about.




Great game, loads of fun.

New Yahtzee

Great game enjoy playing

Yahtzee with Buddies

The only thing I don't like about this game is... I keep receiving the SAME dice from the dice prize claws! It's so frustrating! You play your butt off to earn tokins for new dice, these tokins are not exactly easy to win and it's very time consuming. I might quit wasting my time getting nowhere special in this game.

Too many pop-ups soliciting the purchase of die

I paid for app to avoid annoying pop-ups of any kind. Please stop with all pop ups i play as a means of relaxation those pop-ups are annoying , yea i get it first world problems... still it will get to a point where ill just delete game and find something else.

Love it

Addicting and fun

Love it!

Hahaha I love this game xD the characters look sooo cute Dx

Scam scam scam

I have been playing this game for what seems like forever. I loved it, but just recently I started paying attention to the scores on the games I play with the dice masters. I couldn’t figure out how they were suddenly getting these high scores on their last rolls and winning when I clearly had higher scores prior to that last roll. I started adding points up & low and behold the dice master would be down by more than 30 points or so with only their “2’s” or 3’s” to finish up and would roll like a 6 or 9 and suddenly their score jumped up over mine by more than 25 or 30 points. I have spent way more money on this game than I should have so that is shame on me, but seriously shame on the developers of this game because you are stealing from and cheating the very people who download this crap. If you were a regular business instead of a phone app you would not be able to get away with that underhanded BS. Peace out. There are thousands of other things to do beside get robbed by a stupid game and dishonest developers.


This is so fun

Really crappy game

How can you write code for a game and then have people challenge when you won’t let them select the dice that they would like to select you make it so the computer will only allow them to select the dice it wants to select that is in a challenge that’s a stack game you guys need to rewrite your code and make the game a little better because a dice game is random and you guys aren’t using a random number generator. You should update your game fix the bugs and make it a random number generator because that’s what Dice is all about! Parent Lee I have to give you guys at least one star I can’t send this review because I’d like to give you a big fat zero!


It’s just so fun to play. I just don’t like that you could choose to cheat. That really bothers me and that you have to pay to do it!

Love IT!!!

Yahtzee is such a fun and addicting game! So many tournaments and chances to win!!

Fun game but it is rigged

Imagine you go ahead and spend the 3 dice to play the pumpkin patch showdown. You would think you odds of winning would be possible. However after spending 15 dice or 5 games and losing all 5 times with 4 of those having 2 Yahtzee’s each game on the opposing side while you have none. Hell on game 5 the character you are trying to beat rolled a Yahtzee. Definitely rigged in effort for you to waste more dice so you buy more. I say not. Do not spend one hard earned dollar on this game of fraud. I went ahead and played 2 more times just to see wasting 6 more dice. Result for the pumpkin patch showdown equals two more losses and the opponent had 2 Yahtzee’s in one game and 1 in the last. Point proven

So much fun

I've always loved the game Yahtzee.


I can’t even start on game because the screen continually freezes. It’s impossible to even play a game

Great game, but...

Love all the different games and it can pretty much keep you entertained. Kind of cluttered though so I spend more time finding all the games.

Love it

There’s so much to do! Many games, tournaments, you can win things to customize your profile and die and it’s honestly such a fun game!!

Fun and addicting!

I love Yahtzee in the first place, and when I started playing the app, I got addicted! The game is so much fun, and there is always some challenge or tournament to do. Great game!

Helps pass the time away

The only complaint I have is the number of ads run during the game. It’s tolerable as most are only a few secs long.

Great Game

Love the different styles of play!


The game is rigged to try to get you to buy dice. Let’s you almost win if you only had one more roll.

I can’t control myself

This game is sooooo much fun, that every time I play this, I poop my Iron Man undies. Don’t worry though folks, I buy in bulk so I can poop all day every day.

Fun and good for the mind

Simple challenging good app

Fun to play with partners!

But are the partners real or computer generated? Hmm


This game is very fun and I’m always playing it!😁

Too many ads!

I know you depend on these ads but come on, there’s a limit. Every other roll, there’s an ad in my face and usually it makes my screen freeze. Really guys, ease up with the ads! 🤣

Great app but......

I think the only thing this app has to work on is the ADS their are soooooo many app. Except for that it’s a great app😃

Fraudulent offers

I have completed the bonus offers that earn more rolls and and they never actually reward them!! I’ve been told I did not download it to my device or through the link which I did. Awful that they would have you spend your time playing these other apps and not fulfill the reward.

Shame, shame, shame

Been playing for a while now and I guess I should have read the reviews first. Like most people, I assumed that when I played a dice master, I would be playing a fair game. Not even close! Literally, once I get to the point where I’m clearly winning (usually between 39 to 50 points higher than the dice master) the dice master will get a Yahtzee and then the rest of my rolls for the game are not even worth it. Sorry, I won’t get suckered into buying extra turns for game that was free to download AND obviously cheats.

Rolls are not random

This game cheats HUGE when you play against their characters (dice masters). First of all, you have to start with the first roll, which allows the game to end with the character having the last roll. So if you are winning, their last roll will throw you out of the winning spot. Also, when you are playing their character, your rolls will be controlled (or prevented from amounting to much) towards the end of the game. It allows the character to surpass you in points. And when you have one or two categories left, you often times are prevented from getting that number in your roll. It’s all about making money and making you feel like you need to buy extra rolls to get ahead. You can’t get ahead easily or quickly if you don’t buy their extra rolls. It’s fun to play but just know you won’t advance far unless you pay. I have never spent money on this game and I never will spend money on it. All of my progress has been gained without paying a penny. And when did Yahtzee ever allow for extra rolls? That has only been added to make money. It’s a money trap for people who want to pay to win...but don’t actually win. It’s gambling in disguise.

Too many ads

Fun but too many ads. Also bonus dice are expensive.

Most amazing game

I am so addicted to this game!!! Can't stop playing it!!!!

Side Games/tournaments/prizes whatknot

Are all rigged I get an average of 300 points per game with actual people Play anything else, barely get over 150


Very addicting. Wish you could add people to a friends list though. I play it almost every day! I’m level 98. I also have your Yahtzee Classic. Also very addicting. I love that there are tournaments as well. They are fun and you get free stuff! I like that if you connect to Facebook, you get a cool free Dice and more! Keep it up! -Clapzzi


Love it

Big fun

I really enjoy the different tournaments, award you can win. Friends you can add friends you can make


I like this app, but really want to play the whole game with someone. Not you play than two hours later they play. But it works.

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