New YAHTZEE® With Buddies Dice App Reviews

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I downloaded the latest update this morning and now the app isn't working; it's not allowing me to play my turn at all (a few buttons are blurred out, and the PLAY button isn't working at all). Please fix ASAP.


Please don’t update this. I’ve been playing this game a lot and now I’ve updated this game and you can no longer see the play sign or the total of your play it’s like a snowy icon on each play like why and the numbers are way smaller on the bottom yellow button for rolls.....

Used to be fun

I updated and now when you redeem scratchers they just come up with winnings. And I’ve been playing now for about an hour and a half and all I’ve received is XP. No more bonus rolls. It was where many times you got 1 but I haven’t seen any. Tournaments seem to still be skewed. So many “coincidences”. Just doesn’t feel random.

Freezes MY Phone

I really enjoy this app, but every day, it freezes my phone to where I have to reboot. I don’t mind the adds, but seriously needs some sort of update.

Dice are not Random and tournament standing is purposely incorrect

First of all... I’m an addict of this game. Always liked Yahtzee and Scopely seems has revived the game to modern era. However, being an engineer and Statistics/probability guru, I can tell that the dice is not implemented as truly pseudorandom (no such thing and real random). Example where repeatedly the issue glows - One has a last roll (3 tries+free roll) and need a 4 (or whatever single number). After rolling 4 times (6 dice) each and NOT a single 4! That’s 24 dice with no 4. This happens very often right at the end of the game. You plan the game, execute everything, make decisions based on probability and them bam all ODDS are against you. There is 98.7% chance that you should roll a 4!!!! I have and more occasions of not getting any than getting one I’ve probably 15-20times I have encountered this situation! Tournaments - when you play a game the ranking that is shows is NOT the most current ranking vs everyone. It is unclear to me what ranking they show. However, I can tell that this is done on purpose to want you play more and waste your dices. You end up playing another few games just to observe you just fell behind more that before. It seems like it only shows one’s correct ranking during last 15-25min of the tournament. - When they had just rolled tournaments out it was working correctly!!!!!!! - The had an update after which they changed it!!!! This is all to make you feel like you have a shot at higher prizes so you play more or else one can be smart and optimize to play only when the the value is high base on average score of that particular game variant.


Can never win against dice masters (computers). They ALWAYS get one Yahtzee and more so lately, the last 3 I’ve played have all gotten 2 yahtzees. Then it’s 4-6 hours to play again. When I use bonus dice to skip the time, I’m annihilated by dice masters and their Yahtzees and constant 4 numbers to win bonuses. I almost NEVER get dice in my scratch offs, and when I do it’s always only one, even on mega scratchers. And I rarely get dice even on those. Daily goal is a joke. Can’t choose friends, only who’s “featured” and I have no idea if those people even play regularly. Plus I don’t want to have to play high rollers to be able to get the goal. I barely get dice as it is. Please let us choose dice or be able to trade. It takes me a week to be able to win tokens for a dice, and when I get it, it’s a horrible pattern I didn’t want.

Too much going on

Why are we collecting silly characters? I see no point. Game was much more fun when we would work to collect coins to purchase dice that WE actually wanted. The random selections are repetitive and not representative of what we want. 👎👎👎

Cool game.

It’s a fun game to play with family and friends. The only down side is when you Win a dice and already have that dice all that work was for nothing.


I love the new Yahtzee but I’m disappointed in having to start all back over if we don’t master a tournament. I wish it lets us just continue until we reach the goal because if you don’t have a lot of dice it’s hard to reach the goals. Speaking of dice I just wish we could get as many dice as we do on the XP’s which is really useless I think.

So angry

When I win scratch points, and I go to claim them I don’t get them. Where are they going? So so angry!

Advertisement Trap

The first few hours of playing, you won’t receive any ads. But as you keep playing, the ads will start cutting you off during gameplay increasing irritation. If you are easily angered, I suggest don’t download.

Was a 5 Star

I lived this Game till the ads started getting stuck & wouldn’t let me back into the games ...& it started sticking when I would try to enter the challenges by not doing anything at all ... it was strange because I would be able to back out so must be something that is glitching with just the challenges....? If & when fixed I will download again ...

Stupid dog Icon

The game played it self, what’s funny is that?


I had 99 plus free scratchers. When I finally had time to scratch them, they were gone. Where did they go?

I’m done

Congrats Yahtzee you have lost another player. The claw grabber is worthless, you just get duplicates every time. Yahtzee does not care about its players otherwise they would let you pick your dice. What’s the point if f trying to get coins when your getting duplicates. I am begging everyone to stop paying into this game, they are robbing you. $19.99 just for a custom frame? You can’t win new boards no one but Yahtzees cheater friends can win you supposed to make 8000 points a week when you just get couple hundred a day. Keep up the terrible work Yahtzee your loosing more players every day. If you cared about your players and want to make more money change these things and read what others are posting on your Facebook page.


Really liked this game but they’ve now included ads in between playing the game and it’s become extremely annoying. Will change my rating if they get rid of it.

Nothing like the original game

I’m pretty bummed that this is so different. You play against other people and have to wait between turns. And while that wouldn’t be so bad it people were on the app more. I wish you can just choose to play a bit each time. There are a bunch of other side games that aren’t explained well. I just want to be able to play Yahtzee a few rounds while waiting in line or whatever but this app has too many unnecessary bells and whistles. Pretty disappointed.

Yahtzee is fun but

I enjoy Yahtzee but it doesn't keep you in the same game, you take one turn then it either kicks you out to choose another game or it kicks you out of the app all together. Some players were complaining about them charging you for extra rolls but you don't usually get extra rolls when you play the game.

App shuts down

Constantly freezing up or app shuts down all the time.


Ripoff scam!!! ZERO STARS IF THAT WAS POSSIBLE. Programming suppresses scoring. Prepare yourself for anything other than gaming. Las Vegas would love to use the crooked methods employed by Scopely. No ethics or forthcoming admissions by this developer. Pre-Determined outcomes by AI - nothing random with throws!!! Dozens of POP-up ads per game that you are forced to sit through for ZERO rewards 😳. Remember, the longer it takes for you to progress (read as the cheating app coding), the more ridiculous pop-ups you are FORCED to sit through - for zero reward! 👌🏻 PREDATORY PROGRAMMING. PREDATORY PROGRAMMING. PREDATORY PROGRAMMING. PREDATORY PROGRAMMING. PREDATORY PROGRAMMING. PREDATORY PROGRAMMING. PREDATORY PROGRAMMING. PREDATORY PROGRAMMING. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF. RIPOFF RIPOFF RIPOFF. RIPOFF. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. SCAM. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT. CHEAT NON-RANDOM. NON-RANDOM. NON-RANDOM. NON-RANDOM. NON-RANDOM. NON-RANDOM. NON-RANDOM. NON-RANDOM. NON-RANDOM. NON-RANDOM. NON-RANDOM. SCORE SUPPRESSION. SCORE SUPPRESSION. SCORE SUPPRESSION. SCORE SUPPRESSION. SCORE SUPPRESSION. SCORE SUPPRESSION. SCORE SUPPRESSION. SCORE SUPPRESSION. SCORE SUPPRESSION Short story - this app is a scam and I might add, not a particularly inspired one at that. Near-impossibility to defeat levels due to conveniently perfect scores/rolls in favor of the AI. Expect to be scammed in a subtle manner. Do yourself a favor and pass on this app and any others run by Scopely. Learn to define futility - this game thrives on it. This game is a gigantic CHEAT! Nothing random here but in-app purchase pressure. Beware, the rolls/results are not randomized but rather follow a pattern that suits the ‘house’. It would seem to be a small thing to have a randomized results of each throw programmed into the app however, the patterns are clearly discernible from game-to-game. This leads to the game winning more matches suspiciously on the last rolls as your dice seem to miss. Certainly this is revenue-based pattern execution by the apps makers. The pattern changes about every week - but is consistently in the favor of the AI! Count on the AI to always scores a Yahtzee in each game AND to throw a Yahtzee on the very last turn on every one of three games. So, victory is ‘snatched’ from you at the last minute around 33% of the time. This requires you to spend a great amount of currency to stay relevant in the game. If you’re looking for true Yahtzee - play with dice, not this farce of an app. If you spend in-game currency, your much needed roll ‘magically’ appears. How transparent is the greed and lack of coding by these producers?? I suspect that there’s a number of ‘players’ who are actually the AI using anonymous names therefore, the ugly nature of the non-randomized rolls are a considerable portion of the gameplay (ie you’re playing less people and more of the revenue-generating avatars). Remember, they make more money off of your playing the computer, not other people. Prepare yourself for many annoying pop-up ads! Here’s what to expect: when you’re relying on a particular throw for an essential category, the rolls will deny you consistently. The AI will ALWAYS score at least one Yahtzee (and many times two) per game. You can rely on ONE Yahtzee per 10 games as a comparison. The developers use this to squeeze purchases out of the user. Prime proof of this is the use of extra dice (at a cost) MAGICALLY yield the numbers you need. Again, not random, but rather profit-based patterns coupled with an AI that benefits from multiple-Yahtzee throws per game. Prepare to pay handsomely for random throws, otherwise wallow in suspicious and unforgiving rolls and subsequent losses to the AI. There is, I’m sure, more entertaining and inspiring ways of wasting disposable income.

Game is ridiculous.

Adventure is almost impossible to win unless you buy a ton of bonus rolls. Not gonna happen. And if by the grace of god you use enough bonus rolls to finally win a game, exploring in the adventure cost me 300 tokens. I won 87xp and 57xp. Keep in mind for me to upgrade a level it take about 98000 xp. Joke joke joke


Glitchy!!!! Do us all a favor, and FIX IT!!! Good grief. Otherwise, it’s really fun.


I should NOT be receiving dice I already have from the Dice Prize Claw. I need my tokens back!!! This keeps happening and after doing so much to earn tokens, that’s a rip off! Same with Bonus Rolls, I shouldn’t be getting 0-1 Bonus Rolls off a Super or Mega Scratcher. 😤🙄 And why aren’t dice trades a thing yet?!? I’ve had this game for a while now but there’s little things that are constantly getting on my nerves. Stop cheating me out of my Rewards! Edit (8/12/18) - I had 343 Bonus Rolls, I had saved up my scratchers to test a hypothesis; if you have over 100 Bonus Rolls, you don’t win that much off of scratchers. Whenever I’ve had below 100, I’ve always received more. I accumulated my Bonus Rolls from the Gift Grab, Prize Walks and Tournaments mostly. But it seems as though I’ve wasted my time saving up my scratchers, Out of the 42 Classic, I only got 11 Bonus Rolls Out of the 10 Super, 2 Bonus Rolls This happens all the time, and is especially frustrating when you get the Mega Scratcher and only like 1 or 2 Bonus Rolls. 🙄😒 Maybe y’all need to fix some algorithms or something I don’t know. AND IF I GET THE SAME DICE FROM THE DICE CLAW MACHINE AND THERES NO SPECIAL EFFECTS FOR IT...I’m going to lose it. We should be able to select like some Top 5-10 dice or something to narrow the selection of which dice to have our chances at. And/or be able to check off which Dice we already have in our library....SOMETHING! This is the only game I play...I’d like to enjoy my experience more. I’ve filled out the surveys but still to no avail....something has gotta give.


I don’t like how I can’t choose my own dice to hold. The game tells you which to hold and which section to choose for your final score. After the tutorial that should be it. Otherwise I am not really playing the game it’s being played for me. It’s very annoying.

Showdown problems

Game won’t load my points or pass been frozen for 3 days all others or loading fine


This game is so addictive. When I start playing I can’t put it down.

Good game runs bad on iPad

I like this game there are many game modes to keep you busy. Runs great on my iPhone 6s but is very slow and crashes on my iPad air


Great fun

Pretty good but not all that great

Adversely this person does not know how to play Yatzee because they literally tell you which ones you have to pick you can’t make a full house or three of a kind so yeah if they delete this I will be leaving another review on Snapchat and musically.


Amazing game. I enjoy it. But, I feel like my husband and I play a lot of bots. All weird animal Names.

I love this game!

Love this game. I wish I didn’t have to wait so long between games. Very addictive!

High Rollers

You need to put a time limit on high rollers because they take to long to play and it slows the game.

Latest upgrade not so hot

Ever since I upgraded to the latest version of this app, every time au open it, it prompts me to go to the App Store and upgrade it. When I go to the App Store, it shows I’ve already upgraded and offers a button to open it. What gives?

Really HOT App!

I would like to state this app really over heats my iPhone 6. I use many apps and this is the only app that puts my phone in overdrive and turns it into a hand warmer. I would really like the developers to look into this. I honestly like the concept and idea but the app response time is slower than most. Sometimes, less is more.

Not happy

Every time there is a new adventure and I start around it says unable to submit and I can’t play...

Game is rigged

This game is rigged in an attempt to get you to buy items like bonus rolls. Here’s an example I just experienced... I’m on my final category, 4’s. I’m one point short of the bonus, which would put me over the target score and I’d get a prize. I get zero 4’s in 3 rolls, and I used my last bonus roll and still got zero 4’s. Then, instead of offering any free bonus rolls for watching a video (as it’s done many times before) the only way to get another roll is to buy them. I don’t know the odds of rolling zero 4’s with 5 dice four times in a row, but I am going to guess it’s fairly improbable. Maybe it was just bad luck, but it seemed rather fishy to me.

Not a Review writer, BUT this was irritating

Extremely irritating when the game refuses to let you beat the last or certain stages of the Dice Master Showdown. I’ve been trying for days, stuck on the last of Summer of Love, and same stages for other two. I’ve wasted a ton of extra dice rolls but no budge. They always end up annihilating you with two yahzees or whatever. Very disappointing. But I guess that’s how they get you on the dice purchases.

Daily Team Goals

My only problem with the game is the daily team goals. Half the people that I can chose from do not play often or sometimes at all. So my options are very limited when picking a team. Other than that, I love this game, and play it daily!!!!


It’s a great time killer, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a game so rigged to favor the computer. Its almost impossible to beat any of them without buying rolls, or watching hundreds of adds just to continue losing.


App keeps freezing on me when I click on Tournaments. It just stops turns blue with the Tournament sign. Have to keep re-downloading


I love playing this game but there’s definitely a glitch when earning the rewards! Everytime I win and add to my scratchers it never actually puts them there... please fix this issue I’m not able to win any new dice masters or gain bonus rolls =(

Never win

You can hardly ever win against the computer. Even if you use extra rolls, you will lose. You don’t get extra rolls from the scratch cards. It’s a very frustrating game!

Not for me

Has an unlimited amount of windows to navigate through with almost immediate requests for game purchases confusing and needy

Been playing nearly 3 years, don't love all the changes

I played this game mostly to get dice, and now that happens so rarely that the fun is gone (and the ones I do get are often dice I already have.) The game now seems geared more towards getting you to buy dice, which are also hard to come by. There are a few fun additions, like the new tournaments, but overall I'm kind of bored.

Too many adds

I was enjoying this game for a couple days, and then the adds kick in. You are interrupted almost every other turn. It’s ridiculous. Uninstalling

Played for years and changes are ridiculous !

I have been a faithful player for many years. The changes that have been made are horrible. You can’t win on the Showdowns anymore and the time span to play these games are ridiculous. Nor can you win on the prize climbs. You used to be able to watch videos for bonus rolls and that helped. I was able to win some of the showdowns before but not since all the changes. You get so far on either of the games and you always lose. I love playing the game but lately it gets aggravating that you can’t get anywhere other than the games you win are with your friends. And you can never win the bigger dice amounts on the scratch offs 😡

Fun to play

This game is fun and addictive but very difficult to win unless you pay. It seems to be a common issue for some games. It’s a bit disappointing!

New Yahtzee

I love this game and everything about it I literally can’t stop playing and I’ve never been one for phone games I’m truly converted! Best ever it deserves 10 stars

Fun but unfair

I swear this game is rigged. I was playing this weird dice people like the yetti- I was up by 44 point and all he had left was 3’s but yet he won by one point. Smh. Not the first time that happened losing by one point at the end when they had only one more spot to fill.

Don’t like it

Too cumbersome, too much flash. Unlike the real game.

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